Meet The CEO

Growing up as a child, our CEO had a passion for hair. Ciera learned how to wash and style her hair at an early age. She changed her hair consistently through out the years. When others learned of her passion and love for hairstyling they asked her to style their hair, such as neighbors, family, and friends. Her goal was to one day become a hairstylist. In high school her major was cosmetology from freshmen year through her senior year. In 2007, that dream of hers was evident when she received her cosmetologist license. The love, passion, and care Ciera always had to change the lives of others wasn’t going to stop with just hairstyling. Her dream was to also help others with their haircare needs. With her acquired knowledge and concerns about various hair care products on the market that wasn’t beneficial for the hair, specifically ethic hair, led to her desire in creating her own hair care product line. Over the years her use of hair care products on the market just wasn’t delivering the desired results or wasn’t naturally sourced, which caused issues with her and her clients hair. For many years there was a lack of healthy haircare products designed for ethnic hair.


Our CEO didn’t always practice the healthiest hair care routines as a teen and early adulthood, she eventually decided enough was enough and started the natural hair process in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. After some years of becoming all-natural she had a vision that would change lives all over the world one day. In 2014 our CEO gave birth to a precious baby girl. As time went on she noticed her daughter hair didn’t grow much, which came by surprise because for the majority of our CEO’s life she had a full head of hair. She decided not to do much with her daughters hair until she was about 4 years old. Once her baby girl got a little older she started making hair smoothies for her daughter’s hair and styling it more and started to notice more of a difference with her daughter’s hair growth. It really wasn’t until she started using her scalp oil on her daughter’s hair before she noticed it started to grow more rapidly and getting fuller. Our CEO wanted to create products that people who desired to improve the condition of their hair or maintain it with sustainable, all-natural, plant-based and organic products that creates healthy haircare solutions people would love.  Focusing on natural hair care, organic hair care, and importantly healthy scalp care with safe, non-toxic, and effective ingredients. Practicing low manipulation hairstyling, chemical free services and healthy haircare practices is key to healthy hair. Creating products that were designed for women, men and children can use and not be limited is what she believes in.


In 2020 our CEO started her own sustainable hair care product line. Ciera dedicated months of intensive research for the very best natural and organic ingredients to creating healthy haircare formulas, which is now her very first product “Triple Nourishing Scalp Oil.” Many customers love this product and the performance they receive from this lovely product. This product was birthed right out of her very own kitchen and made with much love and care. Since her very first product which is also her best seller. She has created four other amazing products your tresses will love.


Royalties Of Essence stand on sustainable, all-natural, plant-based and organic products to ensure all products are shelf stable and elevate their performance, as product performance and dependability are just as important as safety. Royalties of essence products deliver on quality, performance, affordability, and benefits the community it serves, for everyday women, children and men, safe and efficient.